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Myths and facts about carpet cleaning

Everyone, at least once in life, we need to clean certain objects. Some people like and others do not, but sometimes only touches jump through hoops. The carpets have the myth that they are difficult to clean . Some people even hire companies to do so.

In this text we will teach you the myths and truths that exist in carpet cleaning since, in the network, we have found great falsehoods that we must clarify.

Then you can decide which strategy takes to clean your carpet with full knowledge. Go for it!

carpet cleaning

⇒ Myth: You should always wash your carpets dry.

√ Fact: There should always be dry cleaned the carpet.

Most people say that the carpets are harmed when dry washyou use water , or rather, when you use devices that cause moisture vapor. This is not true, the    carpets do not deteriorate to be cleaned with water,but actually carpet cleaning with water removes more waste than dry cleaning , provided you do not overdo the amount of water.

What you could do is better , clean the carpet dry several times a week , and at least once or twice a month with water and debris are removed and the fibers and seams in care.

⇒ Myth: Dark spots never leave.

√ Fact: Of course it out!

If there is a carpet at home, of course we must take care of stubborn stains, but is not true that if the carpet was reached stain of wine, coffee, chocolate or blood stains never would come out . We are in the most advanced technological age, with so many chemicals and products today do not have to fight too much with stains, a few drops worked and if not, use a professional is the solution.

⇒ Myth: The carpet will not last more than 3 years.

√ Fact: If you last.

Not last unless a hurricane passes by your house. As this is unlikely, the lifetime of a carpet is about 10 years, if proper care and clean well , could bet that would last a few years.

Post about how to make your carpets last longer reaffirming our id ea.

⇒ Myth: The carpet will last longer if you clean a few times.

√ Fact: There is little to clean it if we want it to last.

Many believe that little clean carpet will make it more durable, quality carpets believe that only when too noticeable stains is the time to stand and begin gloves, why they believe do not know. What we do know is that a carpet should be cleaned often, at least 4 times a week (this does not wear out . Leave waste, dust, pet hair itself will)

 ⇒ Myth: The carpets are made only for large and spacious houses “only there can be cleaned well”

√ Fact: They are for all spaces.

Live in a mansion, a house, an apartment or a small studio can always have a rug or more of them. There are many types of carpet, many colors and many textures, you may have around the house, only one in the room, in the bathroom or before entering the rooms. Do not believe in the idea that are designed for big houses, whether we like can be anywhere or wherever we want, and for each there is a safe and effective method of cleaning.

⇒ Myth: All carpets are the same, so they can be cleaned as.

√ Fact: They are all different and each deserves special cleaning.

Imagine that each carpet is like a different type of hair, there are wavy smooth other, some other dark blond, some long and others short, for all these there is a different type of shampoo. Something about carpets: there are plastic, others of wool, other leather, other plant fibers and so on. (Know of  what materials are made carpets )

For each type of carpet cleaning there is a way, not all processes are the same but use the correct is important. Carpets are important elements of any space in the house, not only decorative level but functional.

With proper maintenance and cleaning are always going to look like new, I invite you to put aside any of the above myths and enjoy the maximum carpets.

Do you have any doubt about how to clean a carpet? You can leave a comment at the end of the post or contact us via the londoncleanltd.co.uk/carpet-cleaning.html.


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