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Learn English food festivals

If you like to eat, you like to learn English and you like to travel, it is possible that the suggestions you find then make you rethink vacation you had scheduled … that if you have them because otherwise, you can always make what you’re about of leer.Cuando do tourism, gastronomy may occupy an important time for us to enjoy the holiday.

Whether we like it or not, is always a topic of conversation, either because we pleasantly surprised, either opposite. If the schedule our trip, we do thinking from the beginning in this factor, we may avoid some disgustillo another and even may reach several factors combine in one visit; as we mentioned at the beginning: travel, eat and como aprender ingles basico, all in one.

Para it today we suggest you to take a look at the web ireland.com . where you will find a lot of information about food festivals of which mention some to whet boca.Del October 4 to 8 of the same month, the Dingle Peninsula Food Festival will feature about 60 stalls where visitors can taste different samples Irish local cuisine. On September 14 and the Midleton Food & Drink Festival, you can enjoy the outdoors from the new culinary culture that has developed in Midleton and surrounding areas; a festival also promises food persión.Y who likes oysters, do not miss the Carlingford Oyster Festival the next 8 to 11 August; a festival for the whole family the most colorful, where you will find markets, street entertainment, various crafts and plenty of local restaurants where the fish is protagonista.

Y to finish, something they would like to choose suelan a feed less elaborate, healthier … the Blas an Fhomhair . Organic food has its space here during the week of September 22. Cast ye possibly less some more information … we will refer to this website. The’re going to quickly find, even if it is in English, because just looking at the pictures, you will make your mouth water …


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