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by Alex Avery  
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The Truth About Organic Foods
by Alex Avery

Table of Contents

Forward: Dr. Ruth Kava, Director of Nutrition, American Council on Science and Health

Introduction: The Myth of the Organic Utopia

Chapter 1: The Strange, Romantic History of Organic Agriculture

Chapter 2: Nutrition Notions

Chapter 3: Is Organic Food Healthier? What the Experts Say

Chapter 4: Is Organic Food Safer? Think Again

Chapter 5: Pesticide Residue Realities

Chapter 6: Organic Pesticides? Yep!

Chapter 7: Hormone Hype and Antibiotic Angst

Chapter 8: If It's Better, Buy It!

Chapter 9: A Few Bushels Shy

Chapter 10: Biocontrol or Out of Control?

Chapter 11: Dismantling Capitalism and Other Fun Ideas

Chapter 12: Organic Farms versus Wildlife Habitat

Chapter 13: Biotechnology: Beyond Organic

Appendix: Spiritual Manuring and Other Organic Voodoo


The Truth About Organic Foods
by Alex Avery
November 2006
Published by:
Henderson Communications

230 pages | Soft Cover

$19.95 single copies, plus s & h
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      © 2006 by Alex Avery.