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5 Principles of Yoga Diet

A healthy diet is a key aspect for the practice of yoga , whose benefits extend to the overall health and quality of life of a person.

Therefore, we present a series of rules governing their diet , according to fitshop yoga gears:

1. Everything comes directly from the earth, the sun, air and water is more nutritious and healthier than what comes indirectly from it. In addition to eating simple way varied and fresh products.

2. A vegetarian diet that includes vegetables, cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and honey, which is advised for the beginner in yoga , in addition to eat slowly, savoring every bite and never in excess.


3. yogis considered harmful to health food bitter, sour, salty, too hot, dry, spicy and strong.

4. From the point of view subtle and energetic, it is believed that eating animal flesh, promotes anger, resentment and passionate behaviors, incorporating feelings of fear, pain, fear and violence suffered by the animal before death .

5. The option for cultivation, help combat hunger and malnutrition in the world. Whereupon the are favored organic products without harmful chemicals to health.


In addition to these principles, yoga proclaims that as a good relationship with people, animals and things are beneficial to our mind, body and soul, a healthy relationship with food allows you to make better use of their nutrients .

Therefore, the food is one of the basic pillars of health, along with breathing , the exercise , rest and positive thinking .


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