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The Truth About Organic Foods
by Alex Avery

Ever wonder if organic foods are worth their high price? Are the marketing claims true? Are organic foods really more nutritious, safer, and better for the environment? Can you handle the truth?

Buy The Truth About Organic Foods by Alex Avery and find out.

Finally, a science-based book written for the average consumer that gets past the endless marketing hype.

In plain, non-technical language, Avery strips bare organic myths. Instead of platitudes and promises, Avery gives you the facts—from independent university studies and neutral government sources. He even quotes extensively from organic activists, revealing in their own words the emptiness of their claims.

Sure to be the most talked about book on organic foods in over a decade.

Order your copy today!



The Truth About Organic Foods
by Alex Avery
November 2006
Published by:
Henderson Communications

230 pages | Soft Cover

$19.95 single copies, plus s & h
Bulk discounts available.

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Tips for choosing a food items for your perfect menu

You have already booked the venue. After many months of searching, comparing places and contrasting opinions with acquaintances or relatives, comes another of the most common headaches in the preparation of a wedding: the choice of menu .

It is, without a doubt, one of the most important decisions to make. Many of the guests are expecting to check what kind of food, wines or desserts , have chosen for you and of course for them. Many couples feel a bit of pressure when they face the choice, in addition the menu tests are often a true diplomatic mess. “My father likes lamb, but my mother misses the seafood, but we prefer to put a good Sirloin … “does it sound? How to get right in choosing a menu for 300 guests !?

From  Catering Laval we want to help you get the hang of choosing the perfect wedding menu so follow our advice and you will not fail:

1. Day Wedding or Evening Wedding : The wedding schedule, wedding meal or wedding dinner, is one of the fundamental factors in the choice of menu. You will marry tomorrow with a fabulous cocktail followed by a meal. Our recommendation is to opt for the classics: tempered salads or creams (cold or hot depending on the time of year), a meat, fish and dessert. If you marry in the afternoon, at dinner we would subtract one of the main dishes, staying with entree, meat or fish and dessert.

2. Type of Wedding : A formal wedding will be accompanied by a meal or dinner of a formal nature, ie a menu served at table from the starter to the dessert. For informal weddings or other more spontaneous styles, bet on buffet weddings, food stations or the so-called “Family Style”: different still life tastes of the world, a table of cheeses, pasta and rice or fun showcooking Sushi or cut ham. One way to include this option in any type of wedding is to do it through the cocktail.

3. Season of the year: take into account the season of the year, whether it is summer wedding, spring, autumn or winter, will not only serve to give a menu according to temperature or seasonality, but we will also achieve through the election Of fresh seasonal products, lower costs. Do you remember that song that said “of oranges in August and grapes in April …”? Well, it’s another trick! Choose what is in season.

4. Number of guests : it is not the same to cook for 30 people as for 500. The best caterings or restaurants should be able to give equal service to an intimate or large wedding, but our experience tells us that this is not always the case. Some elaborations, such as sirloins, puffed meats or rice to the point, depend to a great extent on the times in which they are cooked and served. This in reduced weddings is usually not problematic but in large weddings may not meet expectations. Our advice is that in very big weddings try to avoid certain products that are of very specific personal tastes (meats to the point, or point more) or dishes that require a service of cooking and casting of chronometer.

5. Cocktail : It is one of the most important parts of all weddings. How many times have we heard that “I with the cocktail, I have already eaten”? The welcome cocktail of the guests serves as a letter of introduction to the wedding and due to the dead hours of waiting people “take it with gusto”. The main purpose of the cocktail is precisely that, to entertain the guests while the couple make the photographic report or finish signing the marriage records.

6. The draft : Whether it is a wedding day or night, the recipe must be present. Sweet, salty or mixed. A dinner at 9:00 pm for weddings tomorrow or at 2:00 am for weddings at night, will give that energetic supplement to your guests after so many hours of partying. They are usually less ostentatious than the cocktail but not less light: a recipe based on fried eggs with potatoes, churros with chocolate or big macs. In the story the imagination is in power.

7. Food restrictions : And finally to take into account the food restrictions of your guests, among the most common are allergies: seafood, nuts, pineapple, …, celiac people, lactose intolerant …, vegetarians. Kosher food for Jews, food for Muslims, etc.


After the good feelings of the other day, today I have come back for more. However, by conciliating the kayakera life and family, I have been in the water a little more than 13:00 hours. I chopped a little to not suffer a bird, but today my food, has been browsing. I had never surfed during the meal. That is why my head has been thinking during the 16 km non stop, at those meals when   I travel with the kayak .

In my view, eating is one of the pleasures we can keep on a kayak trip. I can be without a shower, withstand the mosquito bites, shit after a thicket and sleep poorly. But I find it hard to eat like an astronaut or live with energy bars. That is why these tips are in that line of giving a taste to the palate, without quarreling with the practical. But without being with the calculator to know the hydrates and proteins that I get, or follow a boring menu list programmed at home.


To say that before the trip it is advisable to prepare a little what we are going to take. It can be bought at our destination, or during the trip, although if I can take what I know it is going to be difficult to buy. I use two nylon waterproof bags: one for food, and another for cooking tackle. I put some empty plastic bag in case you have to put things that stain. Regarding other sports , we can be generous in weight to carry, and not obsess with the grams, but without passing us (thermomix stays at home :). That if the norm is to bring food that does not spoil since the kayak spends many hours in the sun.

Breakfast is the simplest meal of my day and consists of one or two smoothies, of the individual format. There are  some that are mixed with juices. Others that I discovered not long ago are powdered, are very good, and provide you with basic nutrients. I accompany them with cookies these  dinosaurs are my weakness and are packaged in groups of 4, so that they do not soften. That if, with the passage of the days they finish crushed (like almost all the foods). They can also be improved with jam, which is very good the typical units that give you (or cholas) in hotels. It is not to delay the moment of casting into the water. In some manuals they insist that breakfast is very important. I do not get anything and I prefer to book for lunch.

Between meals it is important to bring things to snack on. The key when traveling by kayak is to eat little, but something at each stop . For those moments … Rosquilletas , which are crushed bread sticks, pistachios, almonds,  nachos , or dehydrated fruit. Preferably in small packs, these refreshments will make us recover strengths, and in my case they help make the beers better (if there are any). Just like in the food you have to drink water constantly and in small doses. If you do not have isotonic drinks, it is not enough to take some salt sachet to add to the water, at least once every two days. In the kayak you sweat a lot and we need to replenish what we lost.


At lunch time the menu is varied. I usually eat some can of ravioli. I can also prepare some dehydrated precooked noodles. The portions of quesitos also withstand the heat very well. The olives and tuna or octopus tins are very good accompaniments to the  scallops . Always as a complement to this wonderful and tasty  bread Vitalité de Wasa . As end you always see a cafetito. A small  two- coffe maker , fits in any corner. At night is when more is appreciated a hot meal. The  noodles come great. And a few pieces of sausage, put the carnivorous touch.

As a supplement to the meals or dinners we can bring some ham to the vacuum, but being careful not to take more than two days. There it is advisable to carry packs of small size, that we eat completely when opening them. We can also use the boat sausages, which are chopped into the taste, and are made soon. The  dried turkish figs  , serve for dessert and to recover energies. All I propose to you is under the prism of total autonomy. If we visit places where we can buy we can complement with perishables: vegetables, eggs, fruit. The more adventurous they include in their diet, which they fish, since it is not a big problem to carry a line with a lure. Here the roll would come in knowing how to clean the fish so it does not look like it has made it a serial killer.

For cooking, I use a  Primus stove , the Express model   purchased in Decathlon. It can be separated from the cartridge as many times as we like and stored easily. It has enough power and holds the wind quite well. All are advantages over the first one I used,  a homemade with alcohol burners . It might have been more romantic, but it took longer to heat the same. It was fatal to the wind, it needed a very flat base, and because I could not turn it off I did not see the flame, it burned me almost always. There are other kitchens more expensive, powerful and even burn almost everything. But as always, I value the intensity of the use that I will give, and the investment to be made.

The candela is of no use, if we do not take pots to cook. I carry this  battery of the Decathlon, which meets. You have to be careful with the handle that has a liking to release, and your food can end up on the ground (checked). The battery is in the same sealed bag as the stove, cutlery, razor (vital), minibotes with salt and garlic, a small scourer and some biodegradable soap. The burner is indispensable. As always a minimum order makes life easier for us to navigate.


Something that does not come out in the kayak manuals, is that before cooking it is advisable to choose the place well. Free from things that can burn, protected from the wind, in the shade and as flat as possible. You also have to look for a seat, if it  can be a little high on our kitchen. Because cooking and eating sitting directly on the floor, do not spring. It may be for our prehistoric ancestors to be comfortable, but for man 2.0 it is not, and as if food does not taste the same, if at least you do not support your back on something. I have these legs that give stability to the stove in the floor, and this one for winds that fits in any corner. Both things go great on the sand.

Nor do they tell you that mealtime if you go with more people becomes a social party: everyone eats everyone’s food, as in a paella contest. In fact I think that in a group big enough, and with the right dose of hard face, you could feed the whole trip of cap and without carrying anything. The time comes for the scrubbing, and that’s the end of fellowship. Each one washes his own. And although people recommend cleaning with sand, and then clarifying, I for a clean practical matter with biodegradable soap. Dirty water is poured on dry ground.

And this is what I recommend to eat decently during a kayak tour . It is also true that we can count on that oasis that is the  beach bar , to replenish liquids and energies … ..but we will use more time and money. As  always, there are always people who know more and explain better, but well, mine is not so bad. At least I do not starve or gain belly.

In my store you have seakayakermag list and a great selection of cooking utensils, cutlery, for winds and batteries that go great for a trip or kayak cruise.

Ideas Guide for Sustainable Food, Reuse materials Presentations

Commitment to the environment is not exclusive task of governments or companies. All people can contribute to its conservation and care. Proof of this is the trend in the use of “green” products and services, those that are sustainable, and that reaches different areas of daily life such as public lectures, meetings in offices or classes in educational institutions.

Taking care of the carbon footprint that each person generates is an individual responsibility, but if you make a presentation of work or give a class in the university you take these considerations, you will achieve an exhibition not only more impacting, but also contribute to the care of the environment.

Review the suggestions and prepare a list of “green” actions to follow up and ensure they are met.

Headquarters, transportation and transfers

  • Choose a venue that is easily accessible for most of your guests. Check the transportation options, as well as the schedules and levels of vehicular traffic in the area to facilitate the mobility of all.
  • Make sure the meeting is held at the beginning of the day or at the end of business hours to minimize extra travel by car.
  • Suggest to your guests to arrive by bicycle, public transport, taxi or car sharing. Informal about the location of bicycle stations or transportation routes. It publicly acknowledges the efforts of those who implement these actions and offers small incentives to those who comply with them.
  • Consider providing a free transportation service to and from one or more key points of the city.

Reduces paper usage

  • Convene your conferences, events or work meetings by means of an electronic invitation and ask the guests to confirm their attendance in the same way. There are now many email services that offer this automated option.
  • Avoid printing badges or using plastic badges. If attendees need to be identified, use self-adhesive labels to get to know each other.
  • Share the presentation and related contents via email or use an online information repository from where they can be downloaded.
  • If it is inevitable to deliver the presentation on paper, expand the margins of the sheets and print on both sides in monochrome.
  • Make maximum use of paper during your presentation and if necessary, use recycled paper.

Recycle and reuse materials

  • If you offer service of coffee break, acquires food and beverages in bulk to avoid using individual packages that generate a lot of trash.
  • Use water jugs, jars with natural juices, coffee and powdered sugar in reusable containers.
  • Make sure the plates, cutlery, glasses and cups are reusable. Make sure the napkins are made from recyclable paper.
  • Plan the food service according to the number of attendees to avoid wasting food.
  • If signage is required, consider printing generic materials that will serve other events or presentations. Avoid including information on the date, venue, theme or names of speakers to extend the life of these materials.
  • It uses containers to separate the waste according to its type.
  • Designates a person responsible for managing, collecting and retaining materials that can be reused in another presentation.

Energy saving  

  • Make sure that the lighting and air conditioning in the room is only used in the required periods. If possible, choose rooms or auditoriums with natural lighting and ventilation.
  • During breaks, it turns off or activates the “saving mode” of audio-visual equipment, and computing.
  • It uses equipment of low energy consumption. For example, projectors Casio LampFree integrated system Hybrid Light Source Laser and LED, which uses 50% less energy than the lamp projectors, Beamer Kaufberatung here; They do not heat up, so they do not require a fan and are therefore very quiet; As well as providing luminous performance with efficient display of colors and sharpness in the image.
  • Give preference to equipment free of lead, mercury or hazardous substances. You can check that they comply with the initiative RoHS ( Restriction of Hazardous Substances ) or the Minamata Convention on the Use of Mercury . By not using a lamp, Casio LampFree projectors are mercury-free and have an extra-long life of at least 20,000 hours.

Spread the “green”

  • It is important that you inform the audience that your presentation will be “green”. It highlights the ecological points of it, why to save energy and generate less CO 2 . Take a couple of minutes to explain how organizers and audiences will contribute to the care of the environment.
  • At the end of your presentation, apply a questionnaire on the impact of “green” actions. Use an online tool to conduct surveys, most offer a free basic option.
  • Ask participants to participate in environmental care programs and remind them that their personal habits can save energy and reduce the generation of waste. It is not enough to leave a better world to your children, but to offer better citizens to the planet.
  • Finally, practice the 3 r’s: reduce, reuse and recycle (paper, metal, plastic and glass).

Fruits to eat before and after training

What fruits to eat before and after training or sports? To perform at the highest level, before exercise, fruits with a low glycemic index (pear or apple) should be used; Then with high glucose (banana or orange)

From fitshoppro.com review, time immemorial, the question is whether the fruit has a place in the diet of an athlete, whether we should give priority to more protein foods to charge the batteries to the top and be at the highest level. Fruits are a staple food, and as such, we consider that their presence is more than necessary in a diet oriented to sports practice.

When we talk about fruit, we immediately come to mind two concepts: minerals and vitamins, micro-nutrients that, far from what many may think, are essential to obtain satisfactory results when it comes to training. It is true that not all have the same properties nor occupy the same position in a sporting diet. Which fruits are most suitable for before training? And for later?

Before training

Before training, the best option is to opt for those with a glycemic index low to perform at their best during the activity. Quite the opposite happens at the end of the year, in this case it is preferable that consume foods that have a high glycemic index . After completing the exercise the body needs fast energy and fruits with a high glycemic index can serve to replenish forces.

Among fruits with low glycemic index, which should be taken before training, highlight the pear and apple . Both contain a large amount of soluble fiber in the form of pectins, which in addition to contributing to lower cholesterol level have the ability to absorb toxins from the intestine and do not attack the intestinal wall. Nor can we overlook the red fruit : strawberries , cherries, blackberries, currants, blueberries, etc. They should occupy a relevant place in our diet, since they are known for their high doses of antioxidants.


For after physical exertion it is advisable to resort to fruits that contain high glycemia values. And here is where one of the glittering with its own light comes in, the star fruit in sports diets. Of course, we refer to the banana . It is a fruit rich in carbohydrates and potassium and helps cope with the training routine, getting muscles respond and avoiding electrolyte imbalances that result in muscle cramps .

The orange and the handle are also excellent choices for quick and easy assimilation energy. The melon and the watermelon are included in this section, as we remain at an optimal level of hydration and help replenish minerals that we lose during exercise.

What foods to eat to look and feel Younger

Our eating habits affect our quality of life. Eating too many of the wrong types of food and is open to many potential health problems. On the other hand, by eating the right kinds of foods, you are helping yourself to live a healthier and longer life. In fact, the consumption of these “super foods” will help you look and feel younger too.T

he golden rule of healthy foods is eaten raw, buy organic, and avoid processed. Cooking destroys vitamins and nutrients in foods, so eating raw foods, whenever possible, is recommended. Organic foods with pilaten are generally agreed to be a healthier alternative because they are free of chemicals and other contaminants. Avoid commercially prepared and packaged foods as much as possible. Stay away from sugar and refined carbohydrates. Dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt believed that sugar elastin and collagen in the skin is broken, causing premature aging.

He thinks he can turn back the clock for ten years and improve texture, tone and brightness of the skin, simply by reducing the amount of sugar you eat. (Dr. Brandt has Madonna and Cher among its customers, so it definitely has some believers in his theory.) A diet rich in fiber, whole grains and antioxidants will keep you looking and feeling younger. Most of us know about whole grains and fiber, but what are antioxidants? Well, antioxidants are vitamins and nutrients. They are so highly prized because it is believed to protect against damage to the heart, arteries and other tissues. Not only that, but they are also able to repair the damage that has already occurred in cells.

The antioxidant-rich foods include most of the berry family with blueberry topping the list. Kiwi has been recognized for its unusual combination of health-promoting substances as well. Apples, cherries and plums are almost as highly qualified as berries, so be sure to include in your anti-aging diet. All vegetables contain different levels of antioxidants as well as plenty of nutrients, especially green leafy vegetables, with beans, artichokes and broccoli that has a high levels.

Nuts are considered a healthy food. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts are especially good for you because they contain omega-3 fats, which are excellent for the heart. For those who do not enjoy eating fish, which are prized for their Omega 3 fats, nuts make a wonderful substitute. Nuts are high in calories, so a little goes a long way. Even better news for fans of the snack is chocolate has made the list of “good for you” foods. The black chocolate in particular has health benefits for us. Just eat a small amount of it though or excess calories you consume may be greater than the health benefits.And to wash all this delicious food down, your best choices are water or green tea. Water is the number one beverage choice.

We need to moisturize the skin and wash the toxins from our body. Not drinking enough water will lead to a tired, feeling lethargic and less glossy appearance. Drinking a cup or two a day of green tea a day is beneficial. Not only will you burn more calories, it’s just good for you. Make wise choices in your daily diet and you’ll be on the way you look and feel younger before you know it. And, as Martha Stewart would say, “That’s a good thing.”

Myths and facts about carpet cleaning

Everyone, at least once in life, we need to clean certain objects. Some people like and others do not, but sometimes only touches jump through hoops. The carpets have the myth that they are difficult to clean . Some people even hire companies to do so.

In this text we will teach you the myths and truths that exist in carpet cleaning since, in the network, we have found great falsehoods that we must clarify.

Then you can decide which strategy takes to clean your carpet with full knowledge. Go for it!

carpet cleaning

⇒ Myth: You should always wash your carpets dry.

√ Fact: There should always be dry cleaned the carpet.

Most people say that the carpets are harmed when dry washyou use water , or rather, when you use devices that cause moisture vapor. This is not true, the    carpets do not deteriorate to be cleaned with water,but actually carpet cleaning with water removes more waste than dry cleaning , provided you do not overdo the amount of water.

What you could do is better , clean the carpet dry several times a week , and at least once or twice a month with water and debris are removed and the fibers and seams in care.

⇒ Myth: Dark spots never leave.

√ Fact: Of course it out!

If there is a carpet at home, of course we must take care of stubborn stains, but is not true that if the carpet was reached stain of wine, coffee, chocolate or blood stains never would come out . We are in the most advanced technological age, with so many chemicals and products today do not have to fight too much with stains, a few drops worked and if not, use a professional is the solution.

⇒ Myth: The carpet will not last more than 3 years.

√ Fact: If you last.

Not last unless a hurricane passes by your house. As this is unlikely, the lifetime of a carpet is about 10 years, if proper care and clean well , could bet that would last a few years.

Post about how to make your carpets last longer reaffirming our id ea.

⇒ Myth: The carpet will last longer if you clean a few times.

√ Fact: There is little to clean it if we want it to last.

Many believe that little clean carpet will make it more durable, quality carpets believe that only when too noticeable stains is the time to stand and begin gloves, why they believe do not know. What we do know is that a carpet should be cleaned often, at least 4 times a week (this does not wear out . Leave waste, dust, pet hair itself will)

 ⇒ Myth: The carpets are made only for large and spacious houses “only there can be cleaned well”

√ Fact: They are for all spaces.

Live in a mansion, a house, an apartment or a small studio can always have a rug or more of them. There are many types of carpet, many colors and many textures, you may have around the house, only one in the room, in the bathroom or before entering the rooms. Do not believe in the idea that are designed for big houses, whether we like can be anywhere or wherever we want, and for each there is a safe and effective method of cleaning.

⇒ Myth: All carpets are the same, so they can be cleaned as.

√ Fact: They are all different and each deserves special cleaning.

Imagine that each carpet is like a different type of hair, there are wavy smooth other, some other dark blond, some long and others short, for all these there is a different type of shampoo. Something about carpets: there are plastic, others of wool, other leather, other plant fibers and so on. (Know of  what materials are made carpets )

For each type of carpet cleaning there is a way, not all processes are the same but use the correct is important. Carpets are important elements of any space in the house, not only decorative level but functional.

With proper maintenance and cleaning are always going to look like new, I invite you to put aside any of the above myths and enjoy the maximum carpets.

Do you have any doubt about how to clean a carpet? You can leave a comment at the end of the post or contact us via the londoncleanltd.co.uk/carpet-cleaning.html.

10 innovations to conquer your customers

Love the embedded market your novel business model, and mobile solutions green concepts and strategies.

Innovate is not a word that is fashionable. Innovation actually comes to finding new solutions to problems and needs that already exist.However, if you want to do things differently, it ‘s all about exploiting your imagination and find a new highly competitive markets to conquer approach.

This is what motivated some brands that offer a business opportunity or that have become a benchmark in a certain industry to develop innovations that have to do with: the use of technology and social networks to train sales forces and display advantages of their products to the end customer, development of new marketing channels, creating complementary concepts and mobile models to get where consumers are and to the organization of sporting events that support a cause.

Creativity has been a fundamental part of the formula to achieve and maintain success of these companies that bet to innovate their way of doing business. To do this, spend time, personnel and resources to research and development of effective strategies in key areas such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, etc .. So, try out new ideas with the aim of materializing in tools that generate best results.

A clear example is Starbucks. This chain of cafes original US It is present in 61 countries around the world thanks to that reinvents itself every day, staying in the top of mind of people and generating loyalty among consumers. Recently in the Seattle area, he opened a portable tent is made with four stackable containers shipment.

The branch has several advantages: it is mobile, as a truck of food, but also offers a different look and feel. At the same time, this concept is a statement of Starbucks commitment to the environment. Basically it is a store recycled. Outside the company motto reads: “regenerates, reuse, recycle, renew, recover”.

Then give yourself some time to get inspired with these 10 innovations that will help you love your current customers, expand your business vision and, mainly, to conquer new potential markets.

1. Innovative solutions Training
Not surprisingly constant readiness of the sales force is key to increasing the turnover of any company. While this is the constant, what is changing is the way the information comes to vendors and end customers themselves. Sessions, social networks, tutorials on YouTube, streaming video and even apps designed for smartphones and tablets are the most currently used by brands in order to communicate the most relevant features of both their products and their business strategies and resources marketing.

Isagenix , multilevel US company that markets nutritional supplements, has also joined this trend. Alexander Hoffmann , president for Latin America, explains that every week training sessions are carried at its facilities in Mexico City. Tuesdays focus on their products and nutrition tips, while Thursdays are the main theme sales.

All this is transmitted over the Internet through Facebook, Twitter and streaming video for those in the interior of the Republic. “Thus, we can reach more than 26,500 distributors that make up our national network, a number that increased by 30% last year” sentence.

2. Mobile Concepts
Companies like Authentic Jicaleta and GogoDonuts & Coffee understood that Mexicans are capricious. Therefore, they specialized in the preparation of food and drinks to quench the craving customers with concepts whose added value is mobility. Meanwhile, Bike Caffeoffers a different experience to traditional cafes in the United States.

The characteristics of these models allows them to be located in different areas depending on the flow of people. For example, if youwant to target mainly children, they can be placed outside educational institutions weekdays and weekends parks. In addition, it is estimated that on average students of middle and upper level in Mexico spend up to $ 200 weekly in cravings and food.

One thing to consider before embarking on a turn of this nature are permits to sell in public spaces. The requirements and costs will be determined to make the appropriate arrangements Depending on the state of the Republic where you are,. It also calculates how long this process will take; in the Federal District it is 26 days.

3. Experiences of product use
Enjoy a dinner prepared by a chef in your home sounds like a romantic date ideal. So brands like Thermomix and Royal Prestige reproduce these experiences to woo customers with their cookware.

In the case of the German company Vorwerk, creator of the food processor Thermomix, customers request a product demonstration via its website , After tuning details of the appointment, a specialist agrees to go home the applicant to cook while explaining operation and characteristics of the device. Similarly Royal Prestige operates, which also schedule such visits through their representatives who are located outside of supermarkets and shopping malls.

Eye: distributors of these brands know that the most important thing is to provide security to the client, it is necessary to have confidence for people to open the door of his house to experience that offer them.

4. New offer through multilevel
Generally, the products sold under the direct sales scheme include: supplements and food supplements, fashion, footwear and beauty.However, ” thinking outside the box ” it has been the basis for the success of Tequila Nock . José Pablo Rodriguez and Arturo Ortiz – his creators- dared to imagine a new sales channel for your product.

“As tequila is concerned, the domestic market is very tight due to the strong presence of major brands. So if you really wanted to compete, had to find another channel: multilevel “says José Pablo. The results have been good. So far: 3,500 independent partners have registered in all states of the Mexican Republic. And as for internationalization plans at this time they are in the stage of pre-registration and pre-sales in Colombia, where they already have about 1,000 interested in joining their business model.

5. Products home by membership
This trend is gaining strength day by day among companies looking toexpand their market, reaching the door of potential buyers. My Coffee Box   is a company that was born under the idea of bringing coffee from Chiapas to anywhere in the world. Luis Miguel Coutinho, creator of this concept, says that the procedure is simple: “Customers enter our website , subscribe for a fee and monthly receive in your home or office a box with 500 grams of organic coffee and a list of coffee machines under $500  produced by Chiapas communities “. Thus, the company has shipped its products to 20 cities in Mexico, the United States and France.

Another brand that uses this marketing scheme is Fancy Box . In this case, once someone subscribes receive at home a box with four or six miniatures cosmetics major brands internationally. Although originally a product designed for women, the company detected a new area of opportunity and now offers boxes for men and babies.

6. Internet radio station and podcasts
Omnilife, the Mexican giant food supplements marketed in 18 countries in Latin America and the US, opted for a new communication channel to integrate their sales force totaling more than 5.5 million people. The goal: to create a community no matter where they are through an Internet radio station.

The programming of the station consists of eight programs and podcasts where the founder and director of the company, Jorge Vergara, answers questions your salespeople. Similarly, nutrition experts, business, technology and gadgets give advice and online counseling. This strategy, in addition to increasing sales of products and promote the development of those who are part of the network Omnilife, has strengthened the sense of belonging of the sales force.

Having an Internet radio station is not as complicated as it might seem. For starters, it requires special software such as Show Cast, which is free; or HD Radio Online, which has different plans payment-, a computer with Internet access and a microphone, as well as an isolated space to ensure good noise transmission. Do not forget todesign programming from your target audience (sellers and / or end customers).

7. Variety of items in vending machines
While vending machines or vending and are not new to the market, continue to offer great advantages to entrepreneurs as to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without being present all the time. What is also a fact is that we have not yet seen their full potential.

Proof of this is Japan, which represents the world’s largest market these business models . In this country you can find a variety of products ranging from shoes to live beetles (sold as pets). While the second of this list is the United States, where vending move about $ 42.000 million each year. Among the variety of items offered in the American Union they are: cupcakes, cosmetics, natural flowers, baked pizzas and even when medications, to name a few.

The US company MedBox , for example, developed and patented a system for distributing medicines that require prescription through vending machines. Thus, with a biometric identification system (fingerprint), patients can purchase your medications without anyproblems. Note that the Mexican pharmaceutical market is the largest in Latin America: annual bill $ 9,300 million, according to WHO figures.

8. alternate formats to your original business model
Finding the perfect home is a major challenge in itself; while getting people to go to the point of sale implies a double effort. And if all goes well, how meet the growing market demand without necessarily opening a branch? Rodolfo Muller, founder and CEO of Hawaiian Paradise -franquicia originally from Durango, specializing in selling snow cones, smoothies and crepes, and 835 units operating in the country , found the answer in the creation of a supplementary format to the original concept for its franchisees.

“Customers were so enthralled with the brand that was not enough toconsume from time to time, the wanted in their events , ” says the entrepreneur. So Hawaiian Paradise Mobile developed a model of low investment ($ 165,000) that can be parties and gatherings, including trailer and product for two months of operation. Among the products offered are: scrapings, smoothies and crepizzas. Another advantage is that the menu is tailored to each event, for example, for a wedding can be served with alcohol swabs (margaritas and martinis) and scrapings fruit for children ‘s parties.

9. Organic products and green solutions
According to the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development , Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), the growth of the organic food sector in the last ten years in Mexico went from 33.587 to 169.570 producers in 2012 . These figures show that concern for consuming natural products and certificates no longer a fad to establish itself as a whole trend.

Although most of the domestic production goes to foreign markets, demand in the country by 10% last year increased. Therefore, serve consumers concerned about their food and health care can be a good resource to sell more. Take it into account.

Another twist where new green solutions are entering with force is the automotive. Particularly in the car wash understeer. Here they include companies like Green Wash 3 and BiocarDry dedicated to the sale of organic cleaning products car without using water. Do not forget that more and more customers are looking for products and services that do not harm the environment, and are willing to pay for it.

10. Sports events with a cause
Although Mexico has high rates of overweight and obesity in the population, more and more people are interested in healthy living.Walks in the morning, go for a walk pets and night bike tours are scenes that are seen daily in major cities. Hence some companies have used to ride this wave of welfare and health to organize sports events (marathons, races, etc.) as a strategy to position its brand.

Moreover, all this will add an element of social responsibility to support the community. Belcorp, firm that sells product catalog for women, created its foundation 10 years ago. This has raised more than US $ 10 million earmarked for grants to ensure the education of low -income children from 12 Latin American countries. Most of its revenue comes from races organized in different countries.

While Avon Cosmetics is another committed to health, especially women company. Each year, the brand organizes its Crusade Against Cancer , which has achieved great results: calls for more than 10,000 women per year, those involved in career-walk. The aim is tocontribute to the prevention of breast cancer and reaffirm its leadership in turning cosmetics.

What’s Cooking at home and in the coffee market?

If, with respect to coffee, you appreciate comfort, but do not like the instant, the coffee capsules you can be a happy medium attractive sea. In this article, we look at the burgeoning market of coffee in capsules  and: We studied the sector, weigh the price and comfort against the ecological costs and tried the taste of five brands of coffee capsules.

Coffee culture

Today, coffee culture is booming. Consumers increasingly buy more coffees made by professionals and visiting cafes more often. Looking for an original and “artisan” experience, coffee lovers are increasingly interested in the origin and type of coffee beans consuming , besides being concerned about issues such as fair trade and organic products.

At home, coffee drinkers are also increasingly demanding and away from instant coffee. In line with this trend, if we talk of fresh coffee, the coffee capsule system Nespresso has been the one who has experienced faster growth and has experienced tremendous growth worldwide .

These small and shiny aluminum capsules plus fever unleash the crafts with coffee capsules have attracted more than seven million people Nespresso Club and, in 2011, its global sales amounted to 3.2 billion dollars. However, with at least 50 competitors on their heels, can Nespresso maintain its privileged position among the coffee capsules ?

Launch of coffee capsules

The coffee capsules Nespresso , made by Swiss giant Nestle was born in 1986 and was originally marketed in the coffee sector office in Switzerland, Japan and Italy.In 2000 the first store in Paris opened and in 2006 the brand experienced its commercial explosion worldwide through the marketing campaign that George Clooney wore palm hearts, that explosion involved annual sales of more than $ 1.8 trillion . In 2012 already they had 300 stores in 48 countries.
11Very prophetically, from the beginning, Nestle recorded the formidable figure of 1,700 patents to cover their capsules and Nespresso coffee capsules.

But since 2010, its competitors have begun to compete for a place in the lucrative coffee market, exploiting gaps in Nespresso patents.And no wonder – the Nespresso products have a profit margin of 20 to 30% and analysts have estimated market growth of this type of coffee 47%, reaching sales of $ 8 billion in 2014.

A competitive market

The main objective in the attack on the market share of Nespresso is convenience and
price. Nespresso capsules to buy online a client must be a member of the Nespresso Club ; otherwise, they must buy them in any of the physical stores that the company has worldwide. The minimum online order is 50 capsules for about 46 cents each, unless more than 200 capsules are requested, in that case you should pay a delivery fee of about 4 € for 50 capsules.

Instead, capsules compatible with Nespresso as the Piazza D’Oro L’Or sold in the supermarket for 50 cents each and can be found other capsules compatible with Nespresso cheaper online .

In addition, a capsule coffee maker DeLonghi Citiz Nespresso basic level can cost about 250 € and can be found other machines not compatible with Nespresso offer for less than € 100 .

Nestle has contratacado this front lower priced competition with the launch of Nescafé Dolce Gusto , a system of coffee capsules with a similar price to non -compatible machines Nespresso. In addition to coffee, it makes chai tea, hot chocolate and iced coffee. It is available in supermarkets and appliance stores, the cheapest machine range is priced around 100 € and cheaper capsules cost about 12 cents less than Nespresso.

Apparently, Nespresso is optimistic about his imitators: “Competition is nothing new to Nespresso” says Renaud Tinel, general manager of Nespresso Australia and Oceania.”Today, Nespresso is competing against more than 50 competitors. While competition is an important driver of innovation and growth, it must be fair and players must abide bythe rules . ”

As expected, Nestle has been busy testing the rules on patents and has launched a series of lawsuits against rival manufacturers of compatible capsules Nespresso, for example, the Ethical Coffee Company and Sara Lee. Nestle, meanwhile, has been sued by the Ethical Coffee Company, who says the Nespresso brand has engaged in unfair competitive practices and has made a campaign of “systematic smear” against them.

In an interesting twist, the CEO of Ethical Coffee Company , Jean-Paul Gaillard, worked as CEO of Nespresso between 1988-1998.

The results of all these legal problems have been complicated for Nestle, and some industry observers feel that the company is fighting a losing battle. They note, however, that the cost of litigation pales in comparison to the benefits gained by holding on to its competitors at bay for a couple of years.

While Nespresso faces competition from these cheaper products, it has an important advantage. Marketers call it “Premiumisation” – the creation of a strong brand, high-end and exclusive that inspires the loyalty of customers who value both the shopping experience, as the product itself and are willing to pay premium prices high. Only time will tell if loyalty trumps price wars coffee capsules.

Comfort vs waste

The price of comfort

The lure of cheap coffee capsules is the simplicity and consistency of the taste of your coffee. In addition, it certainly costs less than a coffee cafe – while the former is between 25 and 46 cents, the second can cost a couple of euros.

However, it is much cheaper to buy a kilo of coffee beans or ground and make coffee at home with an Italian or traditional coffee.

The cost to the environment

If we talk about the containers of coffee capsules, the original boxes are recyclable – no surprises, since they are made of paper. The capsules, however, leave a much larger ecological footprint . For starters, aluminum is one of the most energy -intensive materials, their manufacture requires nine times more energy than steel.Nespresso capsules should be taken to recycling points but how many people actually do? How many capsules are being properly recycled?

But while it may have the ability to recycle 75% of the capsules, it has not been revealed, if that amount of capsules have actually been recycled . Nespresso has sold an estimated 28 billion worldwide capsules – which corresponds to about 28 million kilos of aluminum, many
of which can be deposited in a landfill.

Nespresso capsules and other brands – which are mostly plastic instead of aluminum – can not be thrown into domestic recycling containers .

They are too small for machines recycling plants that can not separate from other waste and simply drop them through the screens in the general trash. Producing a greener coffee capsule is possible . The Ethical Coffee Company has created a biodegradable coffee capsule based on vegetable that is compatible with Nespresso and can be thrown directly into the organic waste container. These capsules can be purchased from the eBay platform.

Compatibility Issues

With the rapid market growth, there has been a proliferation of these machines and coffee capsules providers, both in supermarkets and online . They are taking strong debates in forums that show that consumers just do not have clear which capsules are compatible with their machines. For example, it may be that a coffee brand X accepts capsules marks Y and Z but the capsules of the brand X not fit in coffee and Z.

Mix and match different brands of capsules into a machine can be problematic, since each has a slightly different design, which may affect the process of brewing and therefore his taste .

If you do not like coffee in a cafe you can go elsewhere, but once you’ve bought a coffee capsules are forced to use the flavors available for that machine. If possible,please try the coffee flavors in the store before buying .

Capsules compatible with Nespresso unofficial are slightly different from the original, presumably to avoid patents. If you have saved a few hundred euros to buy your coffee capsules you should keep in mind that, according to nespresso compatible pods singapore, if supported capsule unofficially causes damage to your Nespresso machine, ensuring it will not cover them .

Learn English food festivals

If you like to eat, you like to learn English and you like to travel, it is possible that the suggestions you find then make you rethink vacation you had scheduled … that if you have them because otherwise, you can always make what you’re about of leer.Cuando do tourism, gastronomy may occupy an important time for us to enjoy the holiday.

Whether we like it or not, is always a topic of conversation, either because we pleasantly surprised, either opposite. If the schedule our trip, we do thinking from the beginning in this factor, we may avoid some disgustillo another and even may reach several factors combine in one visit; as we mentioned at the beginning: travel, eat and como aprender ingles basico, all in one.

Para it today we suggest you to take a look at the web ireland.com . where you will find a lot of information about food festivals of which mention some to whet boca.Del October 4 to 8 of the same month, the Dingle Peninsula Food Festival will feature about 60 stalls where visitors can taste different samples Irish local cuisine. On September 14 and the Midleton Food & Drink Festival, you can enjoy the outdoors from the new culinary culture that has developed in Midleton and surrounding areas; a festival also promises food persión.Y who likes oysters, do not miss the Carlingford Oyster Festival the next 8 to 11 August; a festival for the whole family the most colorful, where you will find markets, street entertainment, various crafts and plenty of local restaurants where the fish is protagonista.

Y to finish, something they would like to choose suelan a feed less elaborate, healthier … the Blas an Fhomhair . Organic food has its space here during the week of September 22. Cast ye possibly less some more information … we will refer to this website. The’re going to quickly find, even if it is in English, because just looking at the pictures, you will make your mouth water …

Organic Diet To Lose Weight – 10 Kilos in 5 days

I have always preaching that we must nurture organic and fresh food (NO packaged, not canned, not fried foods, Sausages No, no junk food or fast). Why? … Simply because if you think you are immune to disease, believe me, you’ll pay dearly if you’re eating this way, at some’ll be giving chest beating, suffering from some terrible disease now.

Today I will propose a diet that never fails and I have tested and proven with thousands of people.And now you wish that you benefit without paying for it a penny, but of course I’m going to ask you in return, after trying for only a week, come back here to my channel and leave your testimony of how it went.

Remember that Christ healed 10 lepers and only one returned to thank ?, the truth is that not even hope thank me, my real motivation is to help me with your testimony, many people benefit thousands and thousands. Mainly the great majority who do not have the ability to purchase weight loss programs or surgeries.

Organic Diet Slimming 10 Kilos in 5 days.

Step 1- You Take 3 Jugos day every day, ½ hour before each meal, before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their preparation here: http://youtu.be/_tSbqPhsCkQ

Step 2 Take 2 liters of water during the day and every day.

Step 3- Your breakfast during these five days should be: A salad of raw vegetables and greens, boiled broccoli, lettuce, sliced tomato, cucumber or gherkin, grated carrot, avocado, radishes sliced, chopped onion pen properly washed a Hard Boiled Egg, Juice sour lemon and salt poquita.

Step 4 Your Dinner every day should be: A rich fruit salad, can be orange, pineapple, mango, papaya, peach, pear, Coco Striped and Fresh (not that they sell by kilos and dehydrated) date work from scratch newly bought, and you can add seasonal fruits, which are generally always much cheaper for its abundance, then you add Natural Yogurt and Honey Bees.

Step 5 All your lunches, unleashes your “low food instincts” and eat literally “whatever you want,” and you listen … but if what you crave to eat, for example is fried chicken with fries, surround it with abundant raw vegetable salads, in the same proportion as your obscene “craving”

All your lunch in salads of raw vegetables should be present, but not as “MOTIF” but in the same proportion as each one of your stews. Do not do as most adorning your plate full of fried foods and steaks with a rebanadita tomato, a few shreds of lettuce and a sprig of parsley, which makes it look very nice at the plate, but that your body does not serve.

Your body needs vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and antioxidants. And Raw Vegetables possess in abundance. I assure you that if you keep to the letter, everything here I detail and NO Lows Weight 10 Kilos in 5 days, you’re not human …

Want to know how to have a figure Ideal and not die trying ?, I suggest you visit the link oldschooldiet.com, leave your comments, we are pleased your opinion and if it has been this helpful, give little hand up that is absolutely FREE, I also ask you to share it with your friends, to like you, also other benefit.Thank you very much for your visit.

5 Principles of Yoga Diet

A healthy diet is a key aspect for the practice of yoga , whose benefits extend to the overall health and quality of life of a person.

Therefore, we present a series of rules governing their diet , according to fitshop yoga gears:

1. Everything comes directly from the earth, the sun, air and water is more nutritious and healthier than what comes indirectly from it. In addition to eating simple way varied and fresh products.

2. A vegetarian diet that includes vegetables, cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and honey, which is advised for the beginner in yoga , in addition to eat slowly, savoring every bite and never in excess.


3. yogis considered harmful to health food bitter, sour, salty, too hot, dry, spicy and strong.

4. From the point of view subtle and energetic, it is believed that eating animal flesh, promotes anger, resentment and passionate behaviors, incorporating feelings of fear, pain, fear and violence suffered by the animal before death .

5. The option for cultivation, help combat hunger and malnutrition in the world. Whereupon the are favored organic products without harmful chemicals to health.


In addition to these principles, yoga proclaims that as a good relationship with people, animals and things are beneficial to our mind, body and soul, a healthy relationship with food allows you to make better use of their nutrients .

Therefore, the food is one of the basic pillars of health, along with breathing , the exercise , rest and positive thinking .

      © 2006 by Alex Avery.